Simplifying My Life

I have been trying to decide what my first post should be. After a bit of soul-searching I have decided on Simplifying My Life. That is the journey I am on and thought it would be fun to share and document it.

I was raised by parents who lived very frugally. They were both raised in” The Great Depression” and passed down those ideas to me. I have always been a big couponer. I have learned to stock pile, budget and store my food.

Then one day I was watching my Granddaughter she asked me for a Poptart. I told her we were out and she became very upset. I understand her love for Poptarts, they have always been a favorite to me. I know…that’s not good. The brown sugar frosted ones call my name.

I had decided not to buy them anymore because I kept eating them too. The desire to have them was very strong. It made me think. Really think. What am I feeding my beautiful little Granddaughter? The next time I went to the store I looked at the list of ingredients and didn’t even recognize most of the things listed.

That day I decided to step it up in my own life. Teach my Grandchildren a different way. Some would say the old way. So I hope you will join me on my journey to  Simplifying My Life.


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